Shane Toole

Shane Toole

Before joining Shopify, Shane worked at a make-on-site winery here in Ottawa, helping people make and drink wine. He is also quite artistically talented. He's been known to paint some awesome pieces, and put together beautifully designed websites. Shane is also our resident photoshop whiz, and his specialty is superimposing peoples' faces onto those of their celebrity look-a-like.

Some fun facts about Shane are that he's a big T-swift fan, avid Jeopardy-watcher, and he is the king of unexpected witty remarks that'll have you laughing days later. He has also been labeled as a powerpoint magician.

Shane is a really classy gent. I think Sarah, our Recruiting Researcher, put it best when she said that "Shane is the embodiment of a gentleman and a scholar."

Shane recruits for UX, G&A, and Platform. If you want to do well in an interview with him, you should be yourself and let the conversation flow naturally. 


preferred pronouns: he/him/his