Nora Hammond

Nora Hammond

Nora (or Norma as she is fondly referred to on the TA team), joined Shopify in February 2016 as a UX Recruiter. She grew up in the lovely burbs of Ottawa, she actually pretty much shared a backyard with Andrew (small world and all that jazz👯). 

Before joining Shopify, Nora lived in Toronto for five years, working for a non profit and spending some time studying HR management. But Ottawa rulezzz so she came home.

Here, in rapid succession, are some fun facts about Nora: she’s the youngest of four kids, she doesn't like spiders or eggplant🚫🕷🍆🚫, she loves all dogs and is wary of all cats, her hobbies include cooking, eating sushi🍣, cottaging, and dancing the way her body tells her to💃. She is also amazing at coming up with nicknames for people, she’s a damn good storyteller, and she’s the best ab workout you’ll ever find because she just makes you laugh THAT HARD.

Nora’s advice for interviewing is to try not to be too nervous - she promises not to interrogate you! You'll just have a conversation and get to know each other a bit.


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers