Marina Alves

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Marina Alves

Marina is one of those rare folks who straddles the extrovert-introvert roles within Talent Acquisition as a Recruiter and Researcher. She joined Shopify in January 2016 after having moved to Canada from the UK, where she worked as a project manager for the Natural History Museum. The Shopify culture snagged Marina; the more she read about its story, its growth, and its values, the more she knew this was the company she wanted to join!

Life has taken Marina around the world. She grew up in São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷 and can speak four languages (not to mention the programming languages she knows!). Her love of language was evident in her path to Canada, too: Marina knew that French would be a big asset once here and threw herself into learning this new language. Canada is now the fourth country she calls home and she’s loving it. Travelling will always be a big part of her life, even as she puts down roots in this new country ✈ 🏤 🌲 🏛 🌴 ✈. And if she can combine travelling to a new city and attending a Beyoncé concert? Yes please 🐝 !

While she knows that interviewing can be stressful, Marina implores anyone coming to the office, either in person or through the ether, to just be yourself. Having a real conversation with you is always her number one goal.


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers