Leah Pollock

  • Leah Pollock

Leah Pollock

 Leah joined the Toronto TA team as a Recruiter in June 2016. This Keswick native have been calling The Six her home for the past eight years. Before calling Shopify her home away from home, Leah worked for a co-working space that was filled with entrepreneurs and freelancers, geared towards work with social and environmental groups.🌱  After spending so much time with these folks, Shopify’s modus operandi, “Make Commerce Better for Everyone”, truly resonated with Leah and she was thrilled to join the team. 🏆

The Talent Acquisition Team has become infinitely more talented with Leah in our ranks. You need a bonafide wedding singer? Leah’s your lady. She has five weddings under her belt so far! 🎤 👰 Add being an instrumentalist to the mix - sorry Adam Sandler, she’s got you beat.🎷🎺🎸🎻 And the heat waves in TO can barely touch her - Leah once biked across Thailand in the peak summer season! 💦 🚵  Gracious!

Leah has an amazing ability to make a person feel heard. If you are coming in to chat with her, know that she is absolutely interested in learning about who you are and what makes you tick.⏰ Her advice in preparation for an interview at Shopify? Be prepared to listen and answer genuinely. Take time to think about what brought you to this point in your life and why you're the perfect person for the role.

preferred pronouns: she/her/hers