Krystle Olson

Krystle Olson

Kruste (as her name has been auto-corrected to on countless occasions) joined the TA team in January 2016 as Recruiting Researcher, and has been helping us to scour the interwebs for interesting folks ever since. She’s well-versed in small-town Canada living, after growing up in Saskatoon, Otterburne, and Truro (they are pretty teeny, Google it!).

Krystle learned about Shopify from a friend that looped her in way back in the day, but Doug was the one to convince her to seriously consider working here though (you da bomb Doug!💣). Before joining our team of ruffians, Krystle was at home with her whirling dervish of a four year old 🐙. Before that, she studied evolutionary theory, focusing on chromosomes of cycads and ferns. She has actually authored/co-authored THREE publications on the topic (can you say genius?!).  

Some fun facts about Kruste are that she can only wink with her left eye, and she can barely get through telling a joke because she ends up laughing like a banshee half way through. Krystle is also a total wordsmith, she can turn any of your garbage writing into pure GOLD. She is also the warmest, kindest, most genuine person you will ever meet. She’s really good at paying attention to others around her, and when you’re in her presence, you’ll always feel seen.

Krystle’s advice for interviewing here is probably not super relevant as you’ll probably never meet her in an interview (remember, internet creep/detective) but here it is: don’t be scared. The folks here are some of the nicest people on the planet and they really truly want to get to know you.


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers