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Kayla Boyer


Kayla joined Shopify in January 2015 as our Developer Recruiter. Before joining Shopify, she was actually a developer herself, working for OpenText here in Ottawa 💻. Somehow, Doug convinced her that recruiting developers would be more fun. Now she hires for the R&D side of Shopify, and is working on revamping the dev hiring process.

Some fun facts about Kayla are that she's a huge yogi (she's almost mastered crow pose), she loves churros, and she's a total storm calmer ⛈🚫 = 🌤. Our team can get pretty hectic and chaotic at times, but after talking to Kayla about a problem you're facing, nothing feels insurmountable. She also loves British period dramas and books - and she has the Netflix algorithms to prove it. Kayla can also teach all of us a thing or two about making the perfect Caesar 🍹, so much so that she’s launched a line of specialty Caesar rimming salts (you should definitely check it out here).

Kayla says that the best thing you can do before interviewing here is to spend some time learning about yourself. Try a Myers-Briggs test, or learn your Enneagram to figure out how and why you react to things. 


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers