Katherine Ste Marie

  • Katherine Ste Marie

Katherine Ste Marie

Katherine joined Shopify as a Recruiter in January 2016, as part of one of the largest onboarding cohorts to date😱. She’s always had a fascination for people, so prior to joining Shopify, she studied psychology & HR and loved every minute of it.

Shopify came across her radar while visiting Ottawa one weekend and she had to learn more about it. She liked what she read, and applied for the recruiter role thinking she would totally NOT be invited in for an interview. Low and behold, here she is.

A couple fun facts about Katherine: she grew up in Newmarket & she’s from a pretty big family, holding the unique position of being the youngest of five and the only girl💁. She also has a torrid love affair with cereal and dried mango (not together) and will never say no to dark chocolate. Travel is a big part of her life; she’s just about always researching the next place she wants to explore.

From her own experience interviewing here and now interviewing folks herself, the best advice Katherine can give is don’t fret if you’re nervous, it’s totally normal, and to truly just be yourself & be curious! :)


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers