Julia Yaroshinsky

Julia Yaroshinsky

Julia joined our team of internet creeps (i.e. recruiting researchers) in May 2016, at the Waterloo office. She came across Shopify through a friend who attended Tobi's fireside chat🔥 in Waterloo, and another who posted about the sweet new office digs in Waterloo.

Prior to joining our team of hooligans, Julia was conducting telephone interviews for the Survey Research Centre at the University of Waterloo and doing the whole undergraduate student thing.

A fun fact about Julia is that for her senior thesis project she was studying the Linux Kernel community, and read over 1200 emails exchanged between developers (which we think makes her uniquely qualified to help us search for awesome developers to join our team😀). A funner fact may be that she was the first Canadian citizen in her family. Her mom was eight months pregnant when they first came to Canada. Her dad still calls her an illegal immigrant😂.. Also noteworthy is the fact that Julia can touch her tongue to the tip of her nose.

Julia’s advice for interviewing is: don’t be afraid to nerd out! Whether it's about school, Dungeons and Dragons 🐉 , or hockey, just talk about your passions.

preferred pronouns: she/her/hers