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Jess Verbruggen


Jess started as an intern on the Talent Acquisition team in May 2015. She now works full time as a Recruiting Researcher (or a professional internet creep, as she fondly refers to herself). She was was born and raised in the lovely Nation’s Capital, in the suburbs of Barrhaven to be exact (or Farrhaven, as it has been dubbed by those who have experienced the unbearable commute). She has two sisters and a brother who are the same age as her, actually they're quadruplets! (For those of you who are not mathematically inclined, this is the equivalent of twins times 2)

Her two passions in life can be described by the words Netflix and Bacon. Both excellent in their own right, but truly magical when consumed at the same time. And for snacks? Jess is a Doritos die-hard. She is also an excellent writer (as proven by the fact that she wrote the rest of our team bios).

While interning at Shopify, Jess has acted like an owner; helping out with Beyond the Code, and running the Little Miss Shopify blog to name a few things. She has also been an asset to the improvement of the candidate experience process, and has helped to ensure all who pass through the doors of HQ and beyond are well looked after. As a researcher, Jess puts her internet creeping skills to good use in finding cool people to join us here at Shopify. When Jess is around you can expect to laugh until you cry (especially if your name is double N Jenn). If you ever need anything, or even just a VERY helpful hand, Jess is your girl.


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers