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Jamie Oliver


No, not that Jamie Oliver. While Jamie is a skilled recruiter, he leaves the culinary mastery to our Shopify chefs. Jamie started on the Talent Acquisition team in October as our Business Development and Platform recruiter. Before joining Shopify he worked for the Canada Border Services Agency as a Border Services Officer and saw some pretty weird shit. Jamie also worked as a teaching assistant while completing his Master's degree in Legal Studies at Carleton University. In typical lawyer fashion, Jamie has been blessed with a silver tongue. His dazzling charm has earned him the nickname "Hollywood" on the TA team. 

Jamie grew up on a dairy farm, but funnily enough, he doesn't like cheese. Bronwyn, as you can imagine, is dumbfounded by this fact. 

If you want to do well in an interview with Jamie, do your homework on Shopify prior to the interview, research the role and the team you'd be working on, and try to think of some ways you could add value to the problems we're solving. 

preferred pronouns: he/him/his