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Heather Holmes


Heather hit the ground running as the Talent Acquisition Lead in Toronto in January 2016. She was no stranger to the tech industry: she’s previously worked at Ubisoft in TO helping to grow their team 🎮 . We were kinda persistent with her, contacting her a few times (📱 📞 ⌚️ 💻 📟 !!!)  and by the last ping she just had to hear more about this exciting role. She couldn't pass up an opportunity to be part of a company that cares so much about their merchants and partners success, while making commerce better for everyone. YASSS 🚀 !

Here are some fun facts about Heather from top to bottom: she has an amazing mass of curls ➿  which she fought for YEARS (we can almost all relate, right curly wurlies?) - we barely recognised her in some of her #tbt photos from her straightening days. She has one of the most infectious laughs you’ll ever hear (guaranteed to cheer you up from your grumpiest of grumps). And she can pick things up with her toes 🐒 ✏🔌 💝 ! TMI? We think not!

If you have the pleasure of coming to chat with Heather, here’s her advice: "Be yourself - I want to meet the real you! Talk about what you are most passionate about: personal projects, real life, and anything that helps me get to know you better. I'm always impressed when someone has gone deep to understand our business and can tell me why Shopify is the place for them 🙌 ."


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers