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Doug Tetzner


Doug runs the Executive Search function at Shopify. He started in March 2012 as “The Recruiter” and has helped to grow the Talent Acquisition team exponentially since then. Before joining Shopify he was a partner at the executive search firm Odgers Berndtson. He was actually commissioned by Shopify to recruit our VP of Marketing, Craig Miller, and since he did such an amazing job we asked him to hang around permanently. 

Some fun facts about Doug are that he's quite talented (and super competitive) when it comes to the arcade game Gang Beasts, which he is constantly roping people into playing at the office. You'll know its Gang Beasts time when he gets a certain glint in his eye. Doug is also a huge fan of fail videos, as are his kids, so if you want to endear yourself to him, include a hilarious one in your application. 

One of Doug's favourite hobbies is messing with people, and he's extremely skilled at it. When he's doing a bit or pulling a prank, he can maintain a totally deadpan look for longer than seems humanly possible.

A couple other little tidbits about Doug are that he has a slew of bizarre sayings that, by virtue of spending so much time with him, the entire TA team has integrated into their vocabulary. His future biography is sure to be entitled “All you can do is the work.” He also has a reputation for having famously bad posture during interviews and meetings. If you see someone leaning back, with their legs up, and their hands behind their head, you can bet that it's Doug.  

Doug's advice for interviewing with him is short and sweet: Be yourself. Be in the moment.


preferred pronouns: he/him/his