Bronwyn Kelly

Bronwyn Kelly attempted to join Shopify in February 2013 but Anna nabbed her spot on the Talent Acquisition Team. We eventually realized we had missed out on a true gem 💎 , and snagged her up 6 months later. Sadly, the damage was already done and Bronwyn and Anna are now arch-enemies (not really, they're actually the farthest thing from it). Before joining Shopify, Bronwyn tried her hand at a few peculiar jobs, the strangest of which probably being her stint collecting and preserving insects for a research lab  🔬 🐜 🐝 🐛 🔬 . Now she leads the UX, G&A, and Partnerships recruitment team.

Some fun facts about Bronwyn are that she can lick her elbow (photographical evidence coming soon) 💪, she's a skilled cottager, and she is a huge fan of any lunch options involving cheese 🧀 . I think we can all agree that she has her priorities straight. A few other notable facts about Bronwyn are that she has amazing comedic timing (she’s always good for a clever quip at just the right moment), and that she is an awesome listener.

Her advice for an interview with her is to always be yourself and try not to stress - we're just going to have a conversation.

preferred pronouns: she/her/hers