Aisha Diallo

Aisha Diallo

Aisha joined our team of super-sleuthing Recruiting Researchers in Sept 2015, but her history at Shopify actually started a lot earlier than that. She joined Shopify in September 2013, after moving here from Winnipeg to become a Developer Advocate on the Partnerships team.

Before making the move out here, Aisha was finishing her degrees in computer science and business (she’s pretty darn multi talented 💁🏽), and working at the Apple store.

Prepare yourself, because Aisha has some pretty amazing fun facts. For one thing she was on an episode of Sesame Street when she was 5 years old (we’re in the presence of a star 🌟). She also has an obsession with white cake🎂. She has a recurring dream of herself at a bake shop looking through the glass window and picking out the perfect cupcake (not the worst thing to see in dreamy land🐑😴). Aisha hates the sound of sneezing, so if you hear her say “bless you”, it’s probably begrudgingly. She is super perceptive, which is probably what makes her such an amazing researcher🕵. And yeah, AND she’s a master angler 🎣 !

Aisha’s advice for interviewing at Shopify is to come prepared to have a casual conversation about yourself, and about Shopify. As much as it’s important to be yourself, it’s important to know what you're walking into. Research the company, the team you'll be interviewing for, the role you're interviewing for. Know about the product. If you're not sure, ask questions!


preferred pronouns: she/her/hers