here are the answers for some of the most asked candidate questions

Q: What Does Shopify look for in candidates?

A: This answer is not always a simple one. Our focus is on building strong, diverse and dynamic teams which means we must consider many factors when hiring each individual. However, some qualities that are non-negotiable include:

  • Will you connect with your team through the problems you are solving?
  • Are you unafraid to be your real self?
  • Do you get shit done?
  • Do you thrive on chaos, and welcome change?
  • Do you take initiative, unprompted?
  • Do you love to learn new things?
  • Are you constantly reevaluating the way you do things?
  • Are you resourceful and can you draw the f***ing owl?

Q: How can I prepare for my interview?

A: The simple answer is you can't. We've named our interview the "Life Story" because it is just thatyour story of your life and it's really not something you can rehearse. Interviews are nerve-wracking enough, so our hope is that you’ll be more comfortable talking about something you know best! If it makes you feel better, we too don't prepare for our interviews. We want to have an organic conversation, void of pre-notions and so we make a point of not reviewing your resume ahead of time.

Q: What should I wear for my interview?

A: Come as you are. We don't have a dress code for our employees, so why would we hold candidates to a different standard! Maybe you think best in a three-piece suit; maybe you have a favourite t-shirt and jean combo—we're happy as long as you are comfortable (and in something other than your birthday suit).

Q: How long does an interview take?

A: We try to keep each interview between 40 mins and an hour*, so your time at the office will depend on how many Shopifolk you are meeting.
*If you are a computer whiz, applying for a position in development, you can also expect to complete a 90 minute pairing interview.

Q: What can I expect the full interview process to look like?

A: We break the process up in to six fundamental stages which are as follows: 

Step One : Apply online
Step Two: Are you a real human? Let's find out! Usually a short phone call or Skype
Step Three: Who are you? We'd love to find out, and this is a great opportunity to put a face to a name.
Step Four: An opportunity to meet as many as 5 members of a team. Do you connect with them? Are you excited about the problems they are solving?
Step Five: What do you think? Are we a good fit for you? Are there some things you want to clarify? When can you start?
Step 6: Welcome to Shopify!
  • Things to note:
  • We try to get back to you within a week of each stage regardless of the interview outcome—so we don't leave anyone hanging. 
  • There are exceptions to every rule, and we embrace the notion. This means that not every interview process will be the same. There are a tremendous amount of moving parts that go in to even one hire so perhaps someone gets sick or your visa takes longer than expected to process—these factors will affect how quickly you move from stage to stage but don't worry we are the masters of getting shit done! 

Q: What is on-boarding like for new employees?

A: All new employees participate in a 1 week Commerce Bootcamp. During this week you'll spend time learning about the product from the merchant perspective and from the Support perspective. It doesn’t matter what team you join, everyone participates and is encouraged to start a real shop during the week. If you’re not on a team that falls under the R&D umbrella, you’ll begin on-boarding onto your team in week 2. The R&D on-boarding program runs the week after the commerce bootcamp. It gives everyone on the R&D team (including developers, designers, and copywriters) a common baseline of core knowledge. The program is comprised of talks and workshops that cover topics like setting up environments, navigating through the Shopify code, and our software development philosophies.